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abas sonDagmawe Berhanu, who goes by the pseudonym “Dag Tha Poet,” was born in Philadelphia, PA and raised on the North side of Columbus, OH. Dagmawe began writing at the age of 9, using words as a method of escaping from the monotony of everyday life. After moving back to Philadelphia at the age of 15, he immediately immersed himself in the city’s booming spoken word scene.

Dagmawe finds much inspiration in writers such as Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, Pablo Neruda, Nizar Qabbani, William Shakespeare and Saul Williams, Now a 19 year old psychology major at Delaware County Community College, Dagmawe plans on using his gift of a counseling method for his future clients. He believes that the power of poetry, or even art in general, can heal the sickest of hearts.


When asked about his first chapbook entitled Love, X.Y.Z., Dagmawe was quoted saying:“I believe in love, and I believe in its power, and its ability to heal, as well as its ability to make the smallest of men feel like they’re 10 feet tall.

This chapbook discusses love in its many forms ­ the love one feels for another; the love one feels for God; the love one feels for themselves. It’s the force that drives each of us. It moves us, like a tune we can’t ever seem to get out of our heads. It warms us in the bitterest of colds, and holds us when we feel alone. It simply is, and that’s what I’ve tried to capture by writing Love, X.Y.Z.”

Love, X.Y.Z.


Dag Tha Poet

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