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The Foreign Office has pushed for consular access to Andargachew Tsige with no tangible results, since the British citizen was abducted in Ethiopia a year ago

by Mark Townsend | The Guardian

Yemi Hailemariam London 628x376The UN has demanded the immediate release of a Briton held on death row in Ethiopia for more than a year, an intervention that campaigners say exposes Britain’s poor diplomacy towards the case.

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By Pamela Constable (The Washington Post)

2X7A87231435943707When Barack Obama entered the White House, many Ethio­pian immigrants in the Washington area cheered. When he gave a speech in Ghana in 2009, vowing to promote democracy and human rights across Africa, they were thrilled. But now that Obama will soon visit Ethi­o­pia, many members of the region’s largest African emigre group are up in arms.

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Unified Alternative ConferenceEthiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC), Ethiopian People’s Congress for United Struggle (Shengo), Ethiopian Youth National Movement (EYNM) and United Ethiopian Muslims Peaceful Movement Support Group (UEM-PMSG) are jointly hosting a consultative conference on the need for the formation of an all-inclusive unified alternative force to coordinate the struggle for freedom in Ethiopia. Click here for details here.

SMNE Press Release | Washington, DC

semayawi and police 300x152Not only are Ethiopian elections a farce—reconfirmed by recent regime claims of a 100% victory in the May 24, 2015 national elections—but so is the independence of the judicial system. This mockery of justice was shown when police re-arrested four young members of the Semayawi opposition party [Blue Party} after they were released from court. This happened not once, but three times, despite the fact they had already been freed each time by the court. They remain in jail as of today.Obang Metho, Executive Director SMNE

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By Daniel Teferra (PhD)

TPLF logoIn 1991, the TPLF/EPRDF, a Marxist-Leninist rebel group, took state power in Ethiopia, sanctioned by the United States of America. But taking state power militarily violates the fundamental principle of democracy, representation and playing by fair rules. Ethiopia is not a democracy yet. It is a one-party state. In a one-party state, voting is a formality and its results become predictable.

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By Alemayehu G. Mariam

TPLF Banana Republic 2ze6y05vocfzg2nrtbhts0Author’s note: As I was archiving my commentaries from years past for public access on my website (, I discovered commentaries and articles I had written on the print edition of Ethiopian Review Magazine (ERM) before that magazine went online in 2000.

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