223574 1428681857 wideSouth African Politicians have not spoken against the threat of xenophobic attacks on foreigners in the country. Today the attacks, lynching, burning, stoning and killing of foreigners (much targeted, fellow Black Africans) has escalated to alarming and inhumane levels. Every life is equally worth protecting, even those with less than no privileges. This has been fueled by direct press statement by a senior South African monarch who openly said foreigners must be removed from the country:

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By Sasha Chavkin, Huffington Post

World Bank in Ethiopia 300x152The soldiers pointed their guns at Odoge Otiri and led the 22-year-old student into the forest outside his village in western Ethiopia. Then, he says, they began pounding him with their nightsticks, leaving him bloody and unmoving. “I was unconscious,” he recalls. “The reason they left me is they thought I was going to die.”That night, soldiers arrested his wife, Aduma Omot. “The soldiers took me to their camp,” she says. “Then they mistreated me, they raped me.” They held her for two days, she says, before they let her go.

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Wendy Sherman 630x319(Freedom House) In response to today’s comments by Under Secretary for Political Affairs, Wendy Sherman, in which she referred to Ethiopia as a democracy and the country’s upcoming elections free, fair, and credible, Freedom House issued the following statement: “Under Secretary Sherman’s comments today were woefully ignorant and counter-productive,” said Daniel Calingaert, executive vice president of Freedom House. “Ethiopia remains one of the most undemocratic countries in Africa. By calling these elections credible, Sherman has tacitly endorsed the Ethiopian government’s complete disregard for the democratic rights of its citizens. This will only bolster the government’s confidence to continue its crackdown on dissenting voices.”

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